The Perfect Home Office Set Up

Boost your productivity and efficiency

As professionals demand work flexibility, more and more companies these days are giving employees the opportunity to work from home. Majority of home buyers are even willing to pay more for an additional small office area.

When setting up a home office, it can be as basic as putting a work area in an extra room or opening up a workstation on your kitchen table. But a regular work at home job deserves more than just an improvised work space.

So if you are looking to dress up your home office and need some motivation, take a look at some of these great ideas:

Choosing The Right Furniture

Make an inventory of everything you need for work on a regular basis, as well as any files or records you need to keep. Would a standing desk be better for health considerations or do you need more space to meet with clients? Assess your own situation and needs as a starting point for what your priorities should be then select appropriate office furniture.

Blend It In

You’ll be working there all day, so why should your home office be a dull, cold place? Create a prominently unique but organized room. A home office connected to your main living area should flow aesthetically and enhance the whole design scheme. If it is placed in a more formal part of the house, the furnishings should manifest that level of formality so everything matches perfectly.

Double Duty Furniture

Look at the furniture you already have and consider whether you could use it for storage in your home office. An antique dresser in a spare bedroom for example can be used to store printer and office supplies while a coffee table with shelves below or storage inside can be used to store files or supplies while you work on the sofa.

Orient Your Desk To Face The Main Door

You want to aim for the “power position,” which enables you to see the front door without being in direct line with it.  In Feng Shui, this confers a feeling of empowerment. If your back must face the door while you’re at your desk, lessen the negative effect by placing a mirror to see the reflection of the door.

Far From The Bedroom As Possible

You would not want to go to sleep thinking about the work you have to do or be stressed out by the electronics in your bedroom. Also, a negative chi to avoid in Feng Shui.

Clever Kitchen Cabinets

Some new home projects incorporate hidden offices into the kitchen concealed by cabinet fronts, so it disappears when not in use. Don’t have a spare closet? Add paneling and create a hidden wall of storage that essentially disappears.

Make It A Space You Enjoy

The best office spaces tell a story of the person they belong to. Spruce up your space so it becomes an enjoyable place to work. Be imaginative when choosing colors, materials, lighting and accessories.

Desks To Impress

Skip the traditional desk. A wrong desk can make your workdays seem longer and more dismal. Choose a working desk that blends form and function to meet your needs, while looking great.

Original Article published @ NY Times





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