Privacy Issues: The Common Downside To Condo Living

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Ways To Increase Your Privacy When Living In Multi-Unit Condos

Neighborly disputes, specific rules, noise complaints, pets, smoking — these are just some of the most common issues between condo owners. The lifestyle is one of the reasons buyers purchase a condo. In some buildings where there are concrete partitions and high-quality finishes, one can hardly hear any noise from the other units. Yet, not every condo follows such exacting standards.

So while dense living can be better ecologically, most people associate living densely with a lack of privacy.  Though people want privacy, they also like to live densely with others for the social rewards.

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A Glamorous Top Floor 2 Bedroom 2 Full Bath in Eden Terrace 

Privacy issues in multi-family units are often a big deal so handling them appropriately is essential. So how do you exactly avoid privacy invasion in your condo without exhibiting a negative image?

  • Rearrange your fixtures. You could alternate your bedroom from anyone else’s bedroom above you or below you.
  • Rugs are often a good idea. Privacy is a two-way street for upstairs and downstairs neighbors, so installing a noise barrier between floors can work in both directions. In fact many condominium governing documents mandate 75% rug coverage.
  • Black out curtains. Everything inside your condo is visible through your window. Condo curtains shield the stuff in your home you don’t wish others to see. It will help keep things private during bedtime when you will need privacy the most to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Being in a higher floor will help. Most condo dwellers choose to live in lower floors. It takes longer to get to your unit when you get home when you live in a higher floor in your condo. Remember, though, living at a higher floor gives you more privacy by making you shield yourself away from some noises and onlookers.
  • Position your TV or speaker. Moving your sub-woofer to a location away from a shared wall can help reduce uninvited shaking and vibration next door or down below.

Unfortunately not all of us can modify our room and furniture layout just to completely appease our neighbors. Making others understand your need to keep some stuff private is not as difficult as you may think it is.

By using some slight tweaks and getting a feel of the situation, you’ll be able to strategize and modify your tactics, without becoming extremely isolated from the rest of your neighborhood and other people.


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