Home Staging: Highlight Your Home’s Strenghts

Are you making plans of selling your home soon? Repainting it and decorating your home with fresh flowers aren’t enough. These helpful tips will help give an entirely different appearance to your open house.

  • Make sure you establish the space. Clearly make the purpose of each room so as not to confuse your would-be buyers. These can be achieved through the right furniture arrangement. Remove all unnecessary things like all toys in the playroom or exercise bike should be rolled out of the kitchen for example.

establish space in your home

  • Create a free, open walkway to all sight lines. Every corner should get equal attention. Make it comfortable to walk from the door to a window in the master suite or from the hallway to a living-room sofa.

clear walkways

  • Highlight the focal points with clever use of color. A great focal point can often make a room look quite stunning. It is something that will draw people’s eyes and impress them with the décor of the room. A lifeless or dull corner can surprisingly turn exciting by putting a green plant.

focal points in coloring your home

  • Using Lights. Proper lighting dramatically alters the look of any living space. It can make all the difference between a good showing and a bad one. Open curtains or use the right draperies to let in light throughout the home.

using proper lighting

  • Stop squeaky floors. Got a floor that creaks and squeaks? A squeaky floor can be annoying, if not hazardous. Take the time to repair this before you put up a open house.

squeaky flooring

If your home is not staged perfectly, it won’t show well and in this market, that means a lower list and sales price. If you are thinking of buying or selling a home in the Long Island area, let Laffey guide you.

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