Your Home Purchase Guide Checklist

Everyone one of us dreams of having our own home. A home provides security and a long-term investment. If you are a first time home buyer, you need to carefully evaluate every step you will take to ensure that the house you buy will be worth the money you spend. Here are some guides to help you in your home buying process:

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  • Get to know about the process of mortgage. Learn on how to obtain a loan from pre-qualification and processing to closing.
  • Obtain a pre-approved mortgage before buying a home. A pre-approved mortgage is an evaluation of a potential borrower by a lender that determines whether the borrower qualifies for a loan from the lender, or the maximum amount that the lender would be willing to lend.

mortgage assessment


  • Assess your finances. Are you financially ready? Evaluate your current finances before you start looking for a home because a lender will look through this to figure out the amount of mortgage you can afford.
  • Get help from a reliable Real Estate agent. Real Estate agents can help you with major decisions like finding the right property, buying, leasing or selling and will guide you through the entire buying process. These agents have solid understanding of property and tenancy law and a flair for communication.

get help from a real estate agent


  • Arrange Home Inspections. When purchasing a house it is advisable to hire a home inspector to check out the condition of the property. A home inspection can help avoid unpleasant surprises and future problems.

arrange a home inspection

  • Protect your house with a Home Insurance. Almost all mortgage lenders require insurance coverage to protect their investment. Raise your deductible to lower the cost of your premium.
  • Make a final walk-through 24 hours before the final closing. Prepare all your loan documents and get them to your closing agent or attorney.

do a final walk through before closing




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